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We are all here to learn to grow to develop into whatever we choose.

What if someone you trust could place, powerfully and safely, the knowledge that you provide directly into your subconscious mind? (Which science has proven is millions of times more powerful than the conscious mind).

What then… ?

Our knowledge is filtered by our perception (our values, beliefs and experiences).

Our Conscious mind holds all our wishes and aspirations. It is also our Conscious Mind that is the critic that often creates a barrier.

Our Subconscious Mind does not have this filter !

What would you be if you could be the best you could be ?

What makes a person like Roger Federer the Tennis player that he is?

Isn’t it a wonderful thing to watch that kind of mastery in action? Imagine actually being him on court for a moment. The skill and conditioning over years and years of practice. The mastery of movement. The speed, the grace, the agility. The precision and awareness; the timing; the ability to react so effortlessly to the ball and the opponent; the energy and vitality inside him and the clarity that it provides.

The mindset of a Champion is inside you !

  • I have been a Champion in Kempo Karate and can help you improve your mindset.
  • I have lived with back pain for 20 plus years and have been through many ups and downs because of this. Seen many specialists, tried lots of different things. Only to realise that there are some things that can’t be fixed … However they can be managed in far more effective ways. Hypnosis helped me … and I can help you.
  • I do volunteer work in Palliative Care and have witnessed bad death and good death up close and I can tell you now; that there is nothing to worry about. Too many worry about the future and forget to live in the present. So stop worrying and start living !

Because of this my areas of specialty are:

  • Men’s Health
  • Optimum Ageing
  • Elite Sports Mindset

You can build a bridge over anything in your mind and get over it !         I can help you do this.

Your thoughts and habits are waiting to be improved your energy is waiting to be increased. You have the ability … do you have the desire?