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Core Clearing Breathwork is a heart centred way of rebalancing  energy to become more aware of our ability to tune into and heal our body, through the power of advanced breathing techniques.

 Technique is everything !

Clinical Hypnosis
Clinical Hypnosis is the gentle and therapeutic art of placing positive suggestions into your subconscious mind, so you can makes changes in the way you think or behave. This is done in a safe and sensible manner, and in a way that is meaningful to you.



What do you do ?

We have a chat about what you want to work on. Then you just sit or lie down, whichever you prefer, and relax.

This is much harder for some than for others. Energy flows through the path of least resistance so when the mind and body are relaxed, the  frequency of your brainwaves slows down. This slow frequency  is connected to the subconscious mind, which is your powerhouse. It is millions of times more powerful than your conscious mind.

The first time  under hypnosis you might be a little nervous (which is to be expected) and unsure what will happen. If you are open and willing to help, it will be much easier for you to get to the subconscious levels required for powerful results to take place.

You will be totally aware of everything that happens.

You will make a positive shift if you want to.

You will feel great and perhaps more relaxed than you ever have!

What Do I Do  ?

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I will listen to whatever you would like to work on with complete confidentiality and professionalism.

We can then work together to create a personalised session that reinforces your subconscious thinking and programming to dramatically change your thoughts, habits and actions.

I will  help you build the bridge and enable you to get over it.

Whatever it is, however you want to cross over it, you can do it.

Imagine the possibilities if you could be the best version of yourself!

Health4You Most Popular 2016 Award


“Mike’s expertise of his unique techniques of meditation, combined with theta/hypnosis is extraordinary. His ability to manage energy and be with you throughout the meditation is comforting. Mike has a gentle energy, which allows you to be where you are, and take you where you need to be.
I enjoyed immediate results of pain relief from the very first session. I found I was able to go very deep and get instant and lasting results from our sessions. I found that I was empowered and changed and the result for me was a new found love for the meditations, which I enjoy regularly now, and employ whenever I have any physical or emotional ailment that I wish to move.
I highly recommend Mike to anyone who is serious about changing and improving their life.”    Lili.F.

“I went to Mike because I had a fear of Dentists and hadn’t seen one for over 20 years. After just 2 sessions I saw a Dentist and after the 3rd session I had some dental work done, which wasn’t actually that bad. I am so much more confident now, I feel stronger and happier too. Thank you Mike for everything you made a big difference to me.”                   Paul.M.

“I had some anxiety issues at work which were affecting my confidence and performance. I googled Clinical Hypnotherapy and found www.mindbridge.com.au . Mike had a deal on at the time so I saw him. I am so glad and grateful that I summoned the courage to see him. I nearly didn’t. Mike you have helped me considerably, my work has improved along with my relationship and now I find myself wanting to eat healthier and exercise is fun now. I can highly recommend Mike to anyone wanting to improve themselves.”            John.T.